10 good reasons to go and work in the Cotentin region

10 good reasons to go and work in the Cotentin region

25 January 2021
Cotention region Normandy
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Just a few hours from Paris, the Cotentin region is renowned for its idyllic living environment, as well as the dynamism of its industries, particularly in the nuclear and defence sectors. Here are 10 good reasons to pack your bags and head for the Normandy peninsula.

1. Strong employment opportunities in the industry

The Cotentin region is a breeding ground for jobs! Between the nuclear projects at the La Hague and Flamanville sites and defence programmes such as the Naval Group project, the industrial sector is particularly dynamic. With 34,000 jobs spread over shipbuilding, which is rather anchored in the Cherbourg-en-Cotentin region, and automotive equipment manufacturers, located in the Centre and South Channel, the Cotentin industry offers great career opportunities. Helped by a dynamic market, many other sectors are recruiting, such as the energy sector, which is forecasting the arrival of 650 new talents during the year, spread between Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, La Hague, Valognes and Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte. With nearly 6,000 new jobs per year, the tourism sector also hopes to make a strong start in 2021, as does the luxury and ready-to-wear sector, which after recruiting 150 people in 2019, hopes to break records this year. The Cotentin is quite simply the first economic pole of the Channel with 53,790 salaried jobs.

 2. Breathtaking landscapes

Far from the stress of big cities and traffic jams, the Cotentin region boasts unspoilt landscapes and natural surroundings. The peninsula offers the opportunity to embark for the Channel Islands such as Jersey or Guernsey, a chance to visit the Regional Nature Park of Cotentin and Bessin Marshes, or just to walk along the historic landing beaches such as Utah Beach. An enchanting setting close to the island of Tatihou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the picturesque fishing port of Barfleur, widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Cherbourg, home to the largest artificial harbour in Europe, boasts a city centre and a cross-Channel ferry port, popular for fishing and yachting.

3. A mild and temperate climate

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of the Cotentin region is temperate with temperatures varying between 3°C and 20°C depending on the season. The heat is far from being unbearable in summer and the fine sandy beaches will refresh even the bravest swimmers. Situated on the English Channel, the region is more humid than the rest of the country, particularly the Paris basin, with a mild climate reminiscent of Normandy or Brittany.

4. A (very) attractive property market

With property prices soaring in the big cities, it is possible to buy a house by the sea and enjoy a large garden at an affordable cost. In fact, when you buy, the price per square metre in the Cotentin region is almost ten times cheaper than in Paris, with an average price of 1400 euros per square metre in Cherbourg! For a rental, the average price is 9 euros per square metre. For singles and couples alike, T2 flats are particularly attractive with rental prices between 300 and 460 euros per month, including charges. T3 type flats are more likely to be priced between 350 and 550 euros per month.

 5. A region committed to sustainable development

The Cotentin region is a pioneer in the art of sustainable management of green spaces. The process of mulching, integrated biological protection and zero pesticides are among the measures taken to preserve the natural beauty of the region. The town of Cherbourg even goes so far as to distribute more than 8,000 plants to its inhabitants every year as well as bags of seeds to plant in the alleyways. In addition, Cherbourg, as well as the entire Cotentin conurbation, are working together on the creation of two modern bus lines to provide a faster, more comfortable and more accessible service to users. The stated objective of the whole region is to limit greenhouse gas emissions in order to preserve air quality.

6. An ideal natural breeding ground 

A real paradise for gardeners: it hardly ever freezes in the Cotentin region, which naturally protects plants. An ideal playground for keeping a green thumb. Moreover, two parks in Cherbourg have been awarded the famous Remarkable Garden label: the Liais park and its exotic greenhouse on the outskirts of the Liais museum, and the park of the Château des Ravalet, a perfect fusion of 14 hectares between a French and English garden. In addition, thanks to the many walking and cycling trails laid out by the urban area, the nature of the Cotentin region can be seen from every angle.

7. Exceptional local gastronomy

On the open-air market stalls, local products are jostling for short circuits, sustainable agriculture and sustainable fishing. This affords the perfect opportunity to choose fresh produce, directly from the producer to the consumer and to try out local specialties such as the old-fashioned cockles of the English Channel. Gourmets will be delighted!

 8. The temple of sea sports

Wherever you live in the Channel, you are never less than 50km from the coast. And the Cotentin region offers a very inviting seafront for water sports. Whatever the season, it is always possible to try your hand at sand yachting, surfing, windsurfing or kayaking on the beaches of Cherbourg, La Hague and Val de Saire. With the diving sessions in the Channel, the wonders of the underwater world take on a whole new dimension.

9. A vibrant cultural scene

Cultural activities are not the preserve of large metropolises. The Cotentin region also has a strong history. Cherbourg has a multi-purpose national stage. The artistic programme runs from September to June and ranges from classical to contemporary theatre, including a varied musical selection, dance, and shows for the younger viewers. Something for all art lovers, La Brèche, the national centre for circus arts, also organises 4 unmissable annual events: the Spring Festival, the summer and winter escapades, as well as the Boréales in the autumn.

10. The United Kingdom at your fingertips

The port of Cherbourg allows you to reach the city of Portsmouth, by ferry, in only three hours, as well as the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and many others. From there, it takes only two hours by car to reach London. Overnight trips are also possible to Republic of Ireland capital of Dublin, directly. So, shall we board?


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