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Incrediblengineers is underpinned by the firm belief that engineers are the architects of tomorrow’s world, leading the way with their daring, their expertise and their ability to push boundaries.

The aim of this community blog is to give a voice to all current and future engineers as well as those who admire them. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to contribute!


in collaboration with Silex Id

Batool Al Mualem

Architectural Designer Assystem Radicon

Taqiadden Almuntaser

BIM Manager Assystem Radicon

Fatimah AlQaisoum

Architectural Designer Assystem Radicon

Stéphane Aubarbier

Chief Operating Officer Assystem

Marie Ballu

Validation Engineer Assystem Care

Claude Bernard

Technical Director Assystem

Bernard Blanc

Nuclear Development Director Assystem

Jean-François Bossu

Head of Nuclear Safety Assystem

Nouama Bouasria

BIM process and Technology Manager Assystem

Noémie Bouillod

Project Engineer Assystem

Vincent Boulanger

External contributor

Mehdi Brahimi

Lead Data Scientist Assystem

Thomas Branche

SVP Energy Transition & Infrastructures Assystem

Emmanuelle Capiez

SVP Human Resources Assystem

Anne-Charlotte Dagorn

Communications Director & Head of Gender Diversity Program Assystem

Nicolas Deverge

Founder TeamMood

Eric Devingt

Vice President of Nuclear Reactor entity Assystem

Amr Fahmy

Business Development Director, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt Assystem

Fanny Fouin

Mecanical Engineer Assystem

Christophe Fournier

Nuclear Cycle Sales Director Assystem

Mathieu Gay

Local Management Consultancy Assystem

Laurent Hackenberger

Vice-President Strategy & Development Assystem

Christian Jeanneau

SVP Nuclear Assystem

Amna Jelani

Mechanical Engineer Assystem

Tom Jones

Vice-President International Business Development Assystem

Hortense Kaufmann

Recruitment manager et créatrice du graduate program Assystem

Claude Laborie

Project Director Assystem

Albane Levieux

Head of Building & Infrastructure entity Assystem

Dominique Louis

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Assystem

Arthur Margarit

Technical Coordinator Assystem

Laura Matonog

Consultant Pharma Assystem Care

Nicholas Morris

Project Engineer Assystem

Ludovic Noël

Project Director at Assystem Connect Assystem

Stella Oliveira

Agri-food engineer Kraft-Heinz

Robert Plana

Chief Technical Officer Assystem

Jean-Louis Ricaud

Senior Advisor Assystem

Anne-Sophie Rodde

Business & Project Manager Assystem

Gérard Rousseau

SVP Project Management Assystem

Nicolas Simonin

Vice President Workshare & Engineering Assystem

Sreejesh Sundaresan

Technical Manager Engineer Assystem Axiscades

Najwa Zerrad

Project Engineer Assystem

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