Home automation – The smart home

Home automation - The smart home

7 May 2018
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In this new era of ultra-connectivity and robotics the time has come for our homes to get on the bandwagon like the smartphone did a long time ago.

Why? Because our homes have so many stand-alone devices that they now look like the multi-media department of our local superstore.

It’s now time to defragment this constellation of appliances and pave the way for a new, more condensed multimedia universe. This means designing and living in smart homes.

As we all know, the “smart” part is artificial intelligence so we need to feed the system with extensive data about our homes so it can do what we require of it.

Smart homes incorporate advanced automation systems and communications networks that connect the key electrical appliances and services and provide monitoring and control over the building’s functions, such as managing energy use and air quality.

In a smart home we’ll no longer need to use keys, light switches or window blind devices as our smartphone will deal with it all. The smartphone as your home’s remote control is definitely the way forward.

How many times have you missed a train, arrived late at a meeting or found your apartment flooded because of an open window or unlocked door.

Now all you’ll need to do is unlock your smartphone and check your dedicated app to ensure all is well.

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