Alexandre Cadain

Alexandre Cadain

4 May 2018
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What do AI, an art gallery in the trendy Marais district of Paris and the Hyperloop have in common?

They’ve all come under the eye of Alexandre Cadain, a young French entrepreneur.

Although at first glance these three projects don’t seem to share any similarities, Alexandre applied the same ground-breaking strategy to them all.

The same guiding principle of wanting to change the world has led him from the vision of the future created by artists, through the change in our understanding of space that the Hyperloop brings, and right up to AI – the “great disruptor” of our age.

But why bust a gut trying to change the future when all AI engineering is focused on things like chatbots whose usefulness is questionable.

Quite simply, because our young ambassador for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE didn’t forge his ideas in the madness of Silicon Valley but during long tours of developing countries where he saw Jugaad innovations all over the place rather than stupendous rounds of financing.

But doing “more with less” is not enough for Alexandre; he wants to do things differently!

As an artist-engineer rooted in the real world he’s seeking to shape our future and intends to do it positively.

Let’s forget the dystopian scenarios of Stephen Hawkins and Elon Musk, where AI overtakes humans, and instead look in the same direction as Alexandre Cadain, where humans are freed up by AI to concentrate on what they excel at – being ingenious and creative.

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