Oasis Eco Resort – Dubai finally wakes up to ecology ?

Oasis Eco Resort - Dubai finally wakes up to ecology ?

4 May 2018
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2017 was the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, but what did it change?

Several initiatives were launched, for example by Air France which announced the creation of a dedicated bio-jet fuel subsidiary, but the biggest by far was without a doubt the Oasis Eco Resort project in Dubai.

The resort is announced as being the world’s greenest and when you discover what’s planned it’s hard to disagree.

Making the best possible use of circular economy principles, its engineers have come up with a package of renewable energy sources, sustainability solutions and tools to protect the site’s natural environment.

Electricity will come from solar panels installed on the roofs, groundwater will be extracted from a deep well and wastewater will be processed and recycled. Food will be sourced exclusively from local farmers and a local fish farm.

The natural habitat of fauna will be preserved to embed the resort in its environment. However, the biggest problem when it comes to tourism isn’t so much the infrastructure as the tourists, which is why educational and awareness-raising experiences and programs are planned.

After building a ski slope in the middle of the desert, will Dubai succeed in making the ecological transition?

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