Robomart – The connected online grocery store

Robomart - The connected online grocery store

2 May 2018
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Who hasn’t thought, when ordering a hamburger, that if it was just as easy to order fresh fruit and vegetables on line we really would adopt a healthier diet?

The trouble is, finding really fresh, affordable produce is easier said than done. There are lots of explanations (proximity to producers, transportation time, problems in keeping the products fresh) but not many solutions. As from 2018, there will be at least one more: Robomart.

This project is the brainchild of Ali Ahmed who discovered that less than 5% of the fresh produce market has moved on line.

One reason seems to be the barriers in terms of costs and complexity but there is also a completely different explanation of why the fresh produce delivery market hasn’t taken off and that is that people want to pick out their fruit and vegetables themselves.

Robomart solves this problem by bringing the grocery store to the consumer. This autonomous grocery store on wheels uses the work of Lidar and Nvidia’s engineers to self drive from customer to customer, using IA to become ever smarter. Consumers simply tap a button to request the closest Robomart.

Once it arrives, they head outside, unlock the doors, and shop for the products they want. Robomart tracks what they have taken using “grab and go” technology and will charge them accordingly.

It won’t be long before we run out of excuses not to eat healthily.


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