Did you say smart, connected,ergonomic and environmentally friendly?

The buildings of the future will need to be all of these things at once.

And because the pace of urbanisation is accelerating, we need to meet the challenges that this brings in terms of energy, comfort, sustainability and eco-design. This means that digital technologies and systems engineering are playing an increasingly important role in both architecture and urban planning.

Our engineers are the architects of the buildings of the future

Assystem Expertise

Our engineers anticipate the construction models of the future and integrate systems into infrastructures that guarantee the performance and sustainability of buildings.

By modelling constructions in 3D using BIM*, they help clients control costs and meet deadlines and are able to detect problems before works even begin, which adds to the overall quality of the buildings.

The digital models our engineers create for projects act as collaborative databases, enabling all project participants to share their input and have access to comprehensive and reliable information throughout the entire life-cycle of a building, from its design through to its use.

Our engineers cover a wide range of areas, including sensors and hypervision systems, predictive maintenance and processes for increasing the useful lives of equipment, energy efficiency, technical/ centralised building management and cost-effective systems design.

Through their work they are playing a major role in energy transition and therefore
contributing to meeting the objectives set at the Paris Climate Conference.

Assystem & the Building sector

Leveraging our expertise in complex project management and systems integration, we partner both public and private construction managers in the fields of industry, defence, property, healthcare and life sciences, and energy and transport.