Digital & Security

Securing the digital revolution
Smart, open, connected – and secure!
Creating value-added security solutions

The frenzied furious race for innovation and improvements in operating performance is bringing rapid digital change to today’s industries and, as a result, potentially exposing them to numerous threats and risks, both in terms of their IT infrastructure and industrial systems.

A secure route to digital innovation 
By making global security an integral aspect of digitalisation, Assystem
Connect’s engineers are helping cutting-edge industries stay ahead of the curve. They have managed to turn industrial security from a hindrance into a performance driver!

Assystem Expertise

Our teams devise and implement security solutions that are adapted to each different type of industry and provide protection against the specific threats they face.

They are shaping the overall security model of the future using state-of- the art digital technologies. Based on the notion of hypervision, this innovative model uses a holistic approach that covers physical protection of sites, the operating safety of infrastructure and industrial cybersecurity.

By putting their security culture to the service of industry, Assystem Connect’s engineers can integrate ever higher-performing industrial information systems,which give real decision support by providing relevant and reliable information at all times.

Assystem Connect & the Digital and Security sector

Assystem Connect – an unrivalled player in the industrial digital and security sector – proposes comprehensive offerings that are suited to a wide variety of sensitive industries, including nuclear, transport, life sciences and building, and which also encompass safety systems for vital businesses (companies providing crucial products and services such as drinking water, electricity and transport).