By 2040, we will be using 40% more energy…

… but most of the energy infrastructure we will need to  meet this demand hasn’t yet
been built or renovatedmodernised.

At the same time as meeting this significant challenge we also need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deal with growing urbanization.

Thanks to Assystem’s cutting-edge technological solutions, our engineers are leading the charge towards a new era for energy, drawing on our 25 years of experience and expertise in the renewable, conventional and nuclear energy sectors as well as in electricity grids and energy efficiency.

Assystem Expertise

Our engineers are developing new ways of producing cleaner energy in larger quantities and in safer, more cost effective ways.

They are building new plants to futureproof a supply of more environmentally-friendly energy and are helping to achieve significant energy savings in both industrial infrastructure and housing by improving the operating performance of equipment.

And last but not least, they are incorporating Big Data technological breakthroughs to create smarter grids and provide cybersecurity as well as securing and renovating urban electrical equipment.

Assystem & energy efficiency

Thanks to our combination of skills in hypervision, systems, command and control, project management and big data, our engineers are able to develop and implement energy efficiency solutions across the globe, from Paris to Dubai.