Excellence is above all a human endeavour…

… And to make sure we preserve this excellence, industry needs to have smarter equipment that optimises operational performance and helps it keep up with globalisation.

What is the real revolution of Industry 4.0 for Assystem engineers?…To get the best out of digital technologies so that they can be production tools and above all, to the people who work in industry.

Assystem Expertise

Assystem’s engineers give their clients a 360° view of their products andindustrial processes so that they can accurately shape and size their infrastructure.

They partner our clients along the entire industrial value chain from the design phase through to downstream processes. They are transforming industry by putting in place connected, bespoke and predictive solutions that can be used to oversee production sites in real time and anticipate the entire range of flows and processes.

They can interface and integrate all industrial information systems (production,logistics, command and control, supervision and maintenance systems).

And by making our clients’ equipment smarter and more agile, and therefore higher-performing, our engineers are making a key contribution to boosting the competitiveness of the various industries in which they work.

Assystem & the Industry sector

As a major player in digital technologies for the industrial sector, Assystem partners its clients throughout the entire industrial cycle, from R&D through to production and plant maintenance.

Assystem works with a wide range of industrial heavyweights, including key players in life sciences – particularly pharmaceutical groups.