By 2030, 5 billion people will be living in cities

What will railway stations and other transport infrastructure look like in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time? How can we project a vision for super-scale urbanisation projects such as Grand Paris or a rapidly-changing mega-city like Istanbul?

To meet the ever-changing needs of large urban areas, our engineers are incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the heart of transport infrastructures to make them inter-operable, more flexible and less energy-hungry.

Assystem Expertise

Assystem’s engineers are designing the major transport programmes of the future. Through their digital engineering expertise, they find solutions for optimising these programmes and enhancing the way they are managed.

Our engineers modernise and improve the performance of transport infrastructures by developing interconnected and automated supervision systems and making them sustainable, all with the aim of facilitating users’lives. And they create systems to secure all types of infrastructure, protecting it from new types of risks and helping combat vandalism.

Assystem & the Transport sector

For our Transport projects, we draw on the experience we have built up for over 50 years now in managing complex projects and critical systems in the Nuclear sector.

We help oversee some of the largest French and international programmes dedicated to new types of urban mobility.

In France, we are helping to transform the systems engineering performance of the SNCF (France’s national over-ground railway operator) and have been entrusted with protecting the sites of the RATP (Paris’s regional transport operator) from trespassers in order to reduce vandalism against stations and rolling stock. We also carry out engineering assignments for the SNCF (station reliability and in-operation maintenance) and have been tasked with planning and co-ordinating the Eole project (to extend Line E of the RER urban railway system in Paris).