Supersola – Voltaic Lego

Supersola - Voltaic Lego

4 May 2019
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If you miss playing with Lego and you’d like to save money on your electricity bill, Supersola is made for you!

This Dutch start-up has won everyone over with its plug&play solar panel.

As the ecological transition advances, energy production needs to be decentralized, a challenge that Supersola has clearly understood.

While it seems obvious that in the future most of our houses will be equipped with solar panels, this type of solution is currently both too expensive and too complicated.
That being the case, how can we move to a “solar panels for all” situation? The answer is to take the mystery out of energy production.

Most people don’t know where their energy comes from beyond the socket, and all related installations appear obscure and impossible to understand.
Supersola proposes making solar panels far more accessible by transforming them into consumer goods.

Traditional solar panels have to be installed by a professional, at significant cost. Supersola panels, on the other hand, cost €400 or less and can be fitted in under 15 minutes, thanks to the ingenuity of the start-up’s engineers.

Just install a panel in the garden, on a balcony or the roof, plug it into the nearest electric socket, and immediately save 10% to 15% on your electricity bill.

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