Our Values

We Cultivate
Our Diversity

Each and every one of us at Assystem is an entrepreneur, an inventor, a creator and a solution-finder…and at the same time a responsible individual.

Our engineers put their talents to work on a daily basis to build tomorrow’s world, dynamically tracing the future path for our client industries: energy, healthcare, engineering and transport and building infrastructure.

Team work, sharing, co-operating and pooling our strengths are, in our view, all key factors for personal and professional development and fulfilment.

Our Values

Diversity – A source of value and performance

Our collective intelligence at Assystem originates from the varied perspectives we bring when working on our clients’ projects. Diversity is in our DNA.

Thanks to our engineers’ unique combination of skills, profiles, cultural approaches and experience, we can rise to the most difficult of challenges and provide cutting-edge solutions for the largest engineering projects in the world.

That is why for many years now Assystem has cultivated its diversity by making tangible and lasting commitments:

  • We are proud to have created, more than ten years ago, an in-house network called #incrediblewomen. We firmly believe that promoting <strong>gender diversity and equality boosts our performance, enriches our corporate culture and drives progress.</strong>
  • We believe it’s vital to create an inter-generational link within our business. One of our fundamental aims is to transfer knowledge and expertise from our seniors to our juniors, which not only helps young people’s long-term employment prospects but but recognises the value of experience.
  • The “Mission Handicap” of Assystem, created in 2007, is one of our historical commitments. Our various actions showcase our convictions and values that have always been part of our DNA.
  • We combat all forms of social, ethnic and cultural discrimination in various different ways, such as by carrying out awareness-raising campaigns among our managers and giving them diversity training, as well as granting scholarships to disadvantaged people and promoting equal opportunities.
  • Our commitment to promoting diversity in its widest sense is also illustrated in the corporate sponsorship programs and partnerships that we have set up with engineering schools including ENSEM, INSA Lyon, Insa Rouen, ENSAM, INSTN and IMT.

At Assystem, successfully designing the projects that will shape tomorrow’s world are wholly dependent on the skills, talent and daring of our engineers.

We are firmly convinced that by putting trust in our people, empowering them and letting them experiment and express their passion for their work that they can unleash their potential and creativity.